Vortec Marine launch ‘RAPIDE’ range of Mark Mills designed retro racer/cruiser


In the English dictionary, a “Yacht” is described as a vessel of graceful lines which can be used for pleasure, whether for racing or cruising.  At Vortec Marine Ltd, we feel that over recent years this description has been ignored by too many designers, but not so at Mark Mills Design Ltd. 

Vortec are excited to announce the launch of the Rapide range of yachts that include a 41, 55, 70 and 100, all drawn by Mark Mills.

The provenance of the design ensures that not only does the yacht look graceful, she will also perform very competitively on the racetrack.  Alternatively, with simple adjustments to the specification she quickly transforms into a stable cruiser, why cruise slow when you can cruise fast!

The latest construction techniques and materials are implemented to ensure the highest build quality.

The build specification allows the owner to personalise the yacht to their requirements, not to what is dictated to them in a brochure.

In June the first 41 will launch in the Mediterranean and will be available for viewing and a test sail.  For further information please contact Vortec Marine Ltd – Innes McGowan innes@vortecmarine.com +44 (0) 7900 905795 Ross Collingwood rcollingwood@vortecmarine.com +44 (0) 7802 157576 www.vortecmarine.com 


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