Training Service Partner to Oyster World Rally 2017

Vortec Marine Announced as Training Service Partner to Oyster World Rally 2017

The Oyster World Rally is a world cruise in company, organised by Oyster, offering Oyster yacht owners the opportunity to complete an unforgettable circumnavigation with support from Oyster’s dedicated World Rally Team.

The inaugural 12 month Oyster World Rally in 2013-2014 was so popular, Oyster have developed the 2017-2019 edition, which combines 27 months of sailing, with social events at scheduled stopovers, weather routing, maintenance and technical support plus immigration and administration assistance.

So far, 31 yachts are registered for either part or the full 2017-2019 Oyster World Rally, representing 10 different flag nationalities.

The Oyster World Rally 2017-2019 comprises of four legs, starting in Antigua in January 2017. Most of the yachts on the European side of the Atlantic are currently en-route to the Caribbean, some making their own way, others joining established rallies such as the World Cruising Club ARC or ARC + (Via Cape Verde islands). 

As the official training and service partner to the Oyster World Rally, Vortec Marine has provided RYA sailing courses and professional training as well as yacht maintenance services to many of the fleet, so we’ll be watching their progress with interest!

Two of the most popular courses are the MCA Medical First Aid aboard Ship (MFAS) and MCA Medical Care aboard Ship (MCAS, formerly known as the Ship’s Captain Medical certificate). 

Going far beyond the syllabus of the 1-day RYA First Aid course, these 4 and 5-day medical courses teach how to diagnose medical conditions, provide medical care to the sick and injured whilst still at sea including minor surgical techniques and use of the contents of the Cat A medical kit. MCA Medical Care Aboard Ship

The owner of TIANELLE was so impressed with Vortec Marine after attending a number of courses throughout the year and the advice and guidance he’d received that he chose Vortec to provide the pre-rally preparation for his Oyster 575 yacht.  A team from Vortec flew out to Antigua in October to oversee the key components of a refit including a full rig-replacement, hull copper coating, new sails and various other maintenance services. 

Owners and crew from two other Oyster 575 yachts, AYESHA II and CALLIOPE, also joined Vortec for MCAS medical training ahead of the Oyster World Rally.

Vortec Marine delivered the ISAF Offshore Safety Course incorporating the RYA Sea Survival and a unique firefighting experience bolt-on for crew from yachts LISANNE and ANGELS’ SHARE, also Oyster 575s.

Oyster 56 SEA FLUTE who has just won the first leg of the ARC+ in Cruising Div B and is currently in Cape Verde before the final hop to the Oyster World Rally start, recently benefitted from a major yacht service from Vortec including full rigging replacement, upgraded electronics, replaced hydraulic hoses, skin fittings and sea-cocks and a 1000hr engine and generator service.  The owner also joined Vortec for the RYA Sea Survival and RYA Diesel Maintenance courses in Port Solent, Portsmouth.

Vortec Marine wishes all participants of the ARC, ARC+, and those making their own way a safe sail to Antigua and onwards, especially those taking part in the Oyster World Rally.

For any training or yacht refit requirements, please contact the team at Vortec Marine on or call 01489 854850.

Oyster World Rally Service Partner

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