Hinckley Yachts

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New and Pre-owned Hinckleys From Vortec Bespoke Yachts


Hand crafted to order in Maine, New England are motor yachts that represent the pinnacle of the on water lifestyle. Continually since 1928, Hinckley’s attention to detail have made these yachts very distinctive, classic in style but constructed using the latest processes to ensure a product that is as enduring as the design.

Unique to Hinckley is the JetStick control, allowing the helm to manoeuvre, moor and anchor with complete control of the vessel at all times in all conditions, so removing all the grief associated with those situations.

Arriving at the marina or the bay to anchor for a long lunch, the heads will turn to admire the grace and curves of a Hinckley. Often described as a floating Bentley and for good reason, the yacht has presence gained from its provenance and over ninety years of experience.

Hinckley – Yacht Beautifully

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