RYA Sea Survival Course

What is the RYA Sea Survival Course?

The RYA Sea Survival Course is designed to give you both the knowledge and practical experience to survive a disaster at sea.

The course includes classroom theory and a 2 hour practical session in a nearby swimming pool with lifesaving equipment in order to give you both the knowledge and practical experience to survive a disaster at sea.

The RYA Sea Survival course is essential for sailors of all abilities and an essential pre-requisite for sailing instructors and professional sailors.  It can also be taken as part of the ISAF Offshore Safety weekend course.

RYA Sea Survival - Need To Know

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    RYA Sea Survival

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    Minimum age 16

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    Port Solent, Portsmouth

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    Minimum 8 people

What is covered in the RYA Sea Survival Course

The course includes a mix of classroom theory, group discussion and a 2-hour practical session in a nearby swimming pool wearing lifejackets, with a liferaft.

During the classroom theory session, you will get some information on real life case studies and survival stories. You will absorb as much information as possible from your instructor about safety at sea, the different way of calling for help with dummy versions of most items on the market today. If your lucky you might get to try the basic rations contained in the raft canisters.

During the practical pool session, you’ll learn techniques for swimming whilst wearing an inflated life-jacket, how to safely enter the water, how to right an over-turned life-raft and how to climb in, in the most efficient way. You will also take part in a group role play where the instructor will designate causalities and a situation where you will have to pull together as a team and put into practise everything you’ve learnt during the course.

RYA Sea Survival course content

  • Swimming in a life-jacket

  • Righting an upturned life-raft

  • Climbing into a life-raft

  • Survival techniques

  • Group Life-raft experience

  • Group swimming techniques

  • Group role play with multiple causalities

  • Medical aspects of Sea Survival

  • Real life case studies

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