Fire Fighting Simulation

What is Vortec's Fire Fighting Experience?

For commercial ships and crew, extensive fire-fighting training is compulsory, but there is no guidance for recreational sailors.

Whilst First Aid, Sea Survival and ISAF Offshore Safety courses prepare you for many possible situations, a fire on board is a very real danger yet most people have never actually used a fire extinguisher!

When a fire takes hold, you have only seconds to make life-saving decisions, Vortec Marine have created this course to ensure that you could use that limited time to act effectively.

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What is the format of the fire fighting experience?

Vortec Marine have installed purpose-built fire simulator in Port Solent.

This simulator creates a realistic experience of being in a life threatening, emergency situation fire on board a leisure powerboat or sailing yacht, whilst being in a completely safe and controlled environment.

You will learn the correct steps to manage situations such as fire and flooding and how to control panic and adrenaline to keep calm and deal with the situation.

A number of different alarms will sound causing confusion and making it harder to communicate with your fellow crew. A monitor on the chart table will burst into flames and each course participant will have a chance to take charge; tackling the blaze with the type of fire extinguishers likely to be on board, coordinating a mayday call, checking and cancelling the alarms.

Is It Safe?

Of course.  Whilst the flames are real, and you will use real fire extinguishers, the fire is gas-fuelled and an experienced instructor will always have easy access to the gas shut-off valve, so the fire is completely controlled.

You will be provided with fire-retardant suits and helmets to wear during the experience.

A team from Yachting Monthly trialled the Vortec Fire Simulator and rated it 4 stars!


Vortec Fire Fighting Experience - Need To Know

  • Course Duration

    Course Duration

    Half Day

  • Price

    Course Cost

    £75 or £40 as a bolt-on

  • Please Note

    Minimum age 16

  • Location

    Port Solent, Portsmouth

What Is Covered in the Fire Fighting Experience

You will learn about the different types of fire extinguisher and when to use each.  In the fire simulator there will be a full safety brief and you will be provided with fire-retardant overalls.

You will learn what steps to take to keep calm and deal with the situation quickly, effectively and safely.  You will experience how quickly a fire takes hold and you will practice using a fire extinguisher, learning how to hold it correctly to minimise risk of free-burn to your hands.

Please note – there will be an instructor inside the simulator with you at all times who will manually control the fire from a control panel. Whilst the fire rages in a very realistic way, it is gas controlled so can be easily shut-off by the instructor.

Fire Fighting Experience - What You Will Learn

  • Different types of fire extinguisher

  • Experience pulling the safety pin under pressure

  • How to hold the extinguisher to minimise freeze-burn

  • Aiming the extinguisher correctly

  • Storage and access to extinguishers onboard

How To Book

The Vortec Marine Fire Fighting experience is available as a standalone 1/2 day course, or can be booked as a bolt-on to an RYA Sea Survival or ISAF Offshore Safety Course for a reduced price of £40.

The fire simulator can also be booked privately for crew training, local business fire-fighting training or as a corporate experience day.

Please contact us for prices and availability for private groups.

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