Jongert 38.4m, SCHOONER GLORIA – Refit Work

Vortec Marine carried out a refit on the Jongert designed 38.4m Schooner at Endeavour quay.   The works remit included replacement generators, hull structure repairs, rudder removal and assembly overhaul.

The generators removed were a  Mercedes MTU and Perkins. It was replaced with two 35 KW Kohler units.  The main drive was noise reduction and reliability.  Not only was space a premium but the depth of the generators at 2m below sea level meant that a conventional gravity separator system wouldn’t suffice.  The system has a pumped solution with relays to control raw water exit and keep the system running smoothly.

The rudder hadn’t been removed since her build so the work required the insertion of a deck hatch to facilitate the 800kg stock removal.  The assembly was removed piece by piece. Over 40 component parts and a rudder weighing 2.3 Tonnes all honed or replaced this saw the rudder go from a three man push to a free swinging installation.

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